About WH Agency


The Wellness Hour and The Wellness Hour Advertising Agency was founded by our CEO and show host Randy Alvarez in 1999. The Wellness Hour works exclusively with licensed healthcare providers. 

The Wellness Hour Creative Advertising Agency is led by Vice President of Digital Media Barry Monahan. Monahan, a Georgetown graduate has launched and worked with many top national brands. He brings 15 plus years of digital marketing experience to the WH Agency.

We specialize in two things, emotionally charged video production and digital marketing for doctors. 

The Wellness Hour Medical News Show has become a television and social media platform for doctors to discuss new breakthroughs in their specialty with the communities they serve. 

As of today’s date, we have more than 1800 half hour programs airing on broadcast, cable, satellite and direct TV, with a reach of more than 80 million homes each week. 

Our focus is on results for our clients. The Wellness Hour Agency has a proven track record of getting a huge ROI for our clients that can be measured. Please look at the video testimonial section on the site to hear what some of our happy clients have to say about us. 

The Wellness Hour Digital Creative Agency helps doctors stand out amongst their competition. Advertising is not rocket science, but there is science to motivating humans to take action with procedures that improve their lives. Trust is the new currency, and we help you to build that trust. We will showcase your competency, increase your credibility and help you build a trusted brand. 

Your digital marketing channels are exploding, and we will help you navigate through all of your options when it comes to your media spend. When choosing an advertising agency to grow your practice, experience matters. Our proven strategy has helped thousands of doctors increase their bottom line and cut their costs.